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 "Flower" "Ocean" "Sky" ... and to a trip of encounter  
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Rebun Island is "Flower Island"
45°30'N, 141°4'E.
The northernmost island in Japan, Rebun Island is an island called 'Flower's floating island'.There are many beautiful alpine plants blooming from the spring to the end of the summer and competing there.

In Honshu, pretty flowers that can only be seen in alpine mountains of 2000 m level are blooming from 0 m above sea level.
It is a gift from the ice age so long ago.

  Will you take a trip to Rebun?

 "The flower of Rebun" will surely welcome you.

 "The flower of Rebun" will surely heal your heart.

 "The flower of Rebun" will surely cheer you up.

  "The flower of Rebun" s will surely be you · · ·.
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